Periodontal Maintenance and Prevention

Patients who have been diagnosed with and undergone active treatment for periodontal disease or Peri-Implant Disease have demonstrated increased susceptibility to the disease and are at risk for recurrent disease after treatment.  This may be due to certain Gum Disease Risk Factors which may not be eliminated by periodontal treatment, and by periodontal anatomy which has been altered by disease.  Because of this risk, an integral component of successful periodontal treatment includes more frequent specialized cleanings called Periodontal  Maintenance Visits to prevent disease reoccurrence. These visits typically include evaluation of gingival health and oral hygiene, periodontal pocket charting, localized scaling and root planing in recalcitrant areas, polishing, and evaluation by the periodontist.  Patients usually alternate these visits between the periodontist and the general dentist's office.  Most patients begin with a three month interval between visits.  However the interval between visits often can be safely extended if signs of recurrent disease have been successfully controlled.